Firefighter Pens


One pen and package was created for the SAFC (Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs) and another pen and package for the AFCA (Alberta Fire Chiefs Association). The pens were offered as part of a free draw and would be given away to one of the attendees of each of the conventions.

The Hardware

The hardware of the pen is comprised of a chrome nib that is the shape of a fire nozzle, the retractor (clicker) is a chrome axe and the upper barrel of the pen has a gun metal finish and is etched with a fire engine and the end cap is embossed with a Maltese Cross. The supplied ink is a Parker style refill.

The Pen

The barrel of each pen is made of driftwood cedar that was reclaimed from a beach in West Vancouver. An exotic wood called redheart found in Mexico, Paraguay and Brazil makes up the red ring which emphasizes the thin red line.

The Packaging

The exterior packaging is made up of 1.5” canvas fire hose. Red thread is used to seal one end of the hose and to protect all of the exposed edges from fraying. The stitching has been hand done and the choice of red was used to again re-enforce the thin red line but also to emphasize the strength of unity. A copper toggle closure has been used to secure the flap to allow for the pouch to be closed.