CMHA Driftwood Pens – Senior Project

Each pen was made from wood collected from a beach near Millennium Park in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. Each piece was carefully selected, individually cut to size, shaped, sanded, sealed, and put together in our shop in Coquitlam, BC. The pen was then wrapped in a note, packaged in a bottle and sealed with a cork. I continue to package the Driftwood Series the same way. Below is the message that accompanies the driftwood pens.

DEPRESSION CAN LEAVE YOU FEELING EMPTY, ALONE AND WITHOUT PURPOSE — as if you were a piece of driftwood. On bad days, you float aimlessly across the water with no land in sight. Waves crash on top of you, the force of the water pushes you below the surface and holds you there making it difficult, if not impossible to catch your breath. On good days, a gentle wind can direct you towards the shore and push you up onto the beach, high enough, where the waves are unable to grab you and drag you back in. If you land on the right beach, someone may pick you up and offer you the tools needed to apply meaningful change. It isn’t easy, and it takes effort, but like this driftwood pen, with all its knots and weathered imperfections, you can re-discover the value and beauty that you present to the world.
After a work accident in 2014, Trevor was left with a permanent injury. At the time, he had no idea of the significance a simple pen would play in his future. Trevor used one to write and win several appeals. He wrote a document and was awarded the opportunity to attend retraining towards a meaningful career. He wrote an entrance exam to a post secondary institution and was accepted. Finally, he wrote and applied for a scholarship and received one. So, is it any wonder that on the first day, of his first class when he was asked to choose an item that he would work with for 11 weeks, Trevor chose a pen! Skip ahead to the Senior Project of his final term, Trevor decided to partner with the CMHA, make pens, hand turn and craft each one and sell them. This resulted in Trevor making a $600.00 donation to a CMHA scholarship fund. This is not “just” a pen, it is a hand crafted symbol of perseverance and a reminder that we do not have to allow our circumstance to define us.

The pens in this series were named after one of the major waterways or inlets (burrard, georgia, fraser, discovery, tribune, howe, hotham, malaspina, verney and ursula) that can be found along the coast of British Columbia.

Though I have graduated and the Senior project has concluded, I am committed to continuing this project in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association. For all driftwood pens that are sold at future events, as corporate gifts and private sales, 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the CMHA and the Lorne Fraser Educational Fund. To find out where you can get your pen click here or if you are interested in contacting me directly to place your order, click here.