Hommage to Humboldt

driftwood pens 3
16 key chains representing each one of the individuals that died due to the bus crash on April 6, 2018.

Key chains are a bit of a departure from the pens I have done in the past but the tragic bus crash that occurred on Friday April 6, 2018 involving the SJHL’s Humboldt Broncos caused me to do a rethink.

I made 16 key chains, each one representing one of the members of the Broncos that was taken so tragically. A donation from the money generated from the sale of the key chains was donated to CMHA Saskatchewan Division in support of OSI-CAN. This program provides PTSD support to our first responders.

The 6 orange key chains were made using a donated Sherwood hockey stick and the 10 black key chains were made from a Koho hockey stick that I had. I maintained as much of the lettering on each piece as possible so you would be able to recognize it is made from a hockey stick. Each key chain is done by hand so no 2 are alike but all of them have a secret compartment.

In addition to the key chains themselves, I also included the following note:

This accident affects us all — we have boarded buses and gone on field trips, sent our kids to camp or have had nieces, nephews or grandchildren attend tournaments or recitals. We have attended these events and never thought … what if.

Growing up in Saskatchewan with two brothers, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many kilometers we traveled to get to practices, games or tournaments. What I can tell you, is that once we did get to the rink, the one thing that was almost always guaranteed was that the key to the dressing room was attached to a piece of a hockey stick.

For the members of the Humboldt Broncos, hockey was key to either maintaining a connection with the community, assisting them to remain associated with a sport they loved, used as a vehicle to allow them to pursue goals outside of hockey or maybe they were in the position to play the game professionally. In any case, the key to their passion was attached to a hockey stick. This was the inspiration for turning hockey sticks into key chains.