The Showcase

I am less than a week away from having my pens being showcased in one of our local credit unions. I have been working away trying to figure out signage and pens to display, whether to add key chains into the mix … or not. I have had some pens displayed in a gift shop for a couple of months now with no real results so this showcase shouldn’t be a big deal. I can be there to explain what I do, but am not allowed to exchange any money while I am there.It would be good to see if there is in fact any interest or if it is all white noise. I know, forever the pessimist.

The project has begun

So the project has officially started. The suggestion was given by a mental health instructor at Douglas College to contact the CMHA regarding this project. I wasn’t sure if this going to remain a conceptual idea or if it was going to actually be a real thing. It is officially a real thing. I explained my concept to Megan (CMHA) and she was on board with the idea right away. Now I have to collect driftwood, order pen guts and turn the driftwood into pens. That is going to be the easy part I think. Website, packaging , labeling and promotion is going to be more challenging and then of course selling the pens so I have some money to donate. The website is coming along and may even be finished by the time you read this. I better get to work on this. I will keep you posted.